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17.03.2013 – 19.03.2013   Чехия, Прага

2013 ACFE European Fraud Conference

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Join the ACFE in Prague where some of the most respected anti-fraud professionals from across Europe will come together to share their knowledge and expertise at the 2013 ACFE European Fraud Conference


The programme will feature speakers from government entities and the private industry with a wide variety of expertise in international fraud prevention, deterrence and detection. These experienced practitioners will lead you through interactive sessions while sharing real-world examples and strategies that can immediately take your fraud investigations to the next level.



Enhance your professional development by attending the four-hour Pre-Conference programme, featuring an intensive workshop that will help you achieve an in-depth understanding of a highly-relevant anti-fraud issue. Also, choose from two parallel session tracks during the Main Conference, each offering practical tips, techniques and results.


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