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EBAday 2013

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Германия, Берлин

Payments professionals from across Europe will gather in Berlin for two days of intense networking and debate at the eighth annual EBAday forum, organised by the Euro Banking Association and Finextra Research.

Building on the success of last year’s conference in Edinburgh, EBAday 2013 will discuss the future challenges and opportunities in European payments and transaction banking. Topics will include global regulation, e- and m- payments, supply chain finance, liquidity management, treasury payments as well as collaboration and partnerships.

An influential panel of senior executives, practitioners and key stakeholders from across the payments industry will lead the discussions on the conference floor via a dynamic series of parallel streams, interactive workshops and open panel sessions.

The top-level seminar programme at EBAday is complemented by a bustling exhibition floor, showcasing the complete spectrum of payment processing services from leading banks, ACHs, technology vendors and consultancies.

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