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European ATMs 2013

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Park Plaza Riverbank Hotel, London

European ATMs is the region's premier ATM conference, bringing together over 500 banks, independent deployers, network processors, vendors and service providers at one event. The conference is jointly organised by ATMIA Europe, the only European ATM industry association, and RBR, the industry's leading research and consulting firm.

European ATMs is organised around a two-day speaker programme including case-studies addressing a full range of ATM hardware, software and service related topics. The conference also offers the opportunity to view many of the latest ATM technology solutions in a dedicated exhibition area.

European ATMs offers you the chance to meet other industry experts, discuss hot new topics and exchange information and views, in a friendly and professional environment. The event brings together speakers and delegates from across Europe and around the world. It is the place where business relationships are initiated, developed and maintained.

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