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24.04.2013 – 25.04.2013  

СEE Cards

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Hear how CEE card markets are weathering the economic storm
Analyse the impact of the changing regulatory landscape
Discover advances in the region's m-payment and m-commerce programmes
Experience fresh,lively and topical debate through our regional round-ups
Identify the direction that emerging technologies are taking

"Fighting to maintain its momentum" is how the FT recently described parts of the CEE economy. So how are its Card Markets faring in these turbulent times? SMi's 2013 CEE Cards Market Conference - now in its 8th successful year - digs behind the headlines to bring you a programme that delivers on all the major issues industry practitioners are talking about.

Key Opinion Formers from across the industry offer you their thought provoking insights into this complex, yet dynamic market. Through real-life case studies and vibrant panel discussions we bring to life the issues that matter to card market professionals. Expert, topical and engaging this unmissable event is the go-to conference for all those working in or with the CEE card and payments industry.


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