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12.05.2013 – 15.05.2013   Греция, Афины

The Currency Conference

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Организатор Currency-research,
The Currency Conference began in 1992 at the request of Central Bankers responsible for Cash, who recognized the need for a unique conference to address their specific areas of interest, their challenges, and their desire to network with their peers in other countries. Fourteen very successful conferences later, the Currency Conference remains the premier industry conference for Central Bankers.

The Currency Conference brings together the key officials in the currency issuing departments around the world in a secure and interesting environment to share their experiences and to network with each other and the top industry leaders. We provide the best policy driven, international agenda to justify their attendance. We focus attention on our Central Banks and Government Bank Note Printing Works and commercial attendance is limited.

With the global economic situation, we feel it is more important now than ever to continue to provide a secure forum for key officials from the world’s Central Banks and Bank Note Printers to meet and discuss efficiencies, best practices, new strategies, as well as the latest technologies and solutions for their operations.

Sponsors of the Currency Conference include the world’s leading suppliers to the currency industry and an extensive exhibition of their new technologies and products are included in the program.


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