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13.09.2013 – 14.09.2013   Китай, Шанхай

World Cards and Payments China Focus 2013

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Организатор SZ&W Group,
Mobile payment business, one of the mobile added value services, is under the spotlight in recent years. As a new electronic payment, it possesses many features such as anytime anywhere, convenience, speedy and security. Combining with multi-industries, mobile payment contributes to transformation of telecom operators, and is paid high attention by them. Recently in global, countries and regions involve in m-payment have exceeded 32, gaining huge success.


а вы знаете, что...

… первая в мире массовая коммерческая эмиссия чиповых карт состоялась в США в 1986 г. (банками-эмитентами выступали Bank of Virginia и Maryland National Bank с чипами Bull CP8, а также First National Palm Beach Bank и Mall Bank – с чипами Casio)?