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8th Annual Prepaid Expo

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США, Флорида, Орландо

As a payments executive, you're navigating a brand new landscape populated with new competitors, increasing regulatory scrutiny and emerging technologies. With so much in flux, it's critical that you anticipate the future and capitalize on opportunities – many which are just surfacing, thanks to the swift evolution of payments. It's our mission to help you take your business to the next level, and we've added some exciting content to the 2013 agenda.
Here's just a taste of "what's new" for 2013:
In addition to the exciting new sessions we've added to the 2012 agenda, Prepaid Expo will continue to provide you with the tried and trusted content that keeps you coming back year after year, including:

300% MORE FUTURE-FORWARD CONTENT: We’ll analyze the evolution of payments, including disruptive technologies, wallets, NFC, EMV and mobile – and how they impact your business and where prepaid fits in
DATA ANALYSIS: We'll help you uncover market potential and benchmark your company with data insights throughout the program – including industry snapshots and analysis exclusive to the Expo
EXPANDED LEGAL & REGULATORY COVERAGE: Hours of content laser-focused on up-to-the-moment information on upcoming rules and regulations – and translations into how compliance will impact your business
GROW GLOBALLY: Maximize your global opportunities in both gift and GPR card programs with workshops, panels and case studies on expanding your footprint in hot markets, including Europe, Asia and Latin America.

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